Most Condition 4 manifestations are capable of communication through various methods.

A manifestation's power may be gauged by its attempts at communication. A fully-formed Condition 4 is capable of speech in the audible spectrum, although it may choose instead to vocalise shrieks and cries.

The type of communication can also be related to the Condition 4's state of agitation. A raging or disturbed manifestation will typically revert to abrupt, aggressive communication. Stronger entities may even become less manifest by doing so.

Note that violent Condition 4 manifestations are antagonistic towards placid manifestations. We presume the feeling is mutual.

Typical communication includes:

  • audible wails and cries
  • movement of otherwise inanimate objects, including Ouija board activity
  • sibilant whispering
  • changes in atmospheric conditions (e.g., sudden chills and clamminess)
  • sequenced electrical malfunctions (e.g., radios shorting out in tempo with speech)
  • tones or notes, often vocalised as humming


While primitive manifestations can be removed with the application of brute thaumaturgical force, most Condition 4 scenarios are more complex. Study of the unique traits of individual manifestations is highly recommended to optimise survival.

Case files have included the use of music, mirrors, blood sacrifice, and various further means.


Subgroups of the Condition 4 manifestation include, but are not limited to:
Spectres (C4-07A) Low containment priority.
Projection of human will, often resulting from a violent or perceived unfair death event. Existing in an alternate reality (the 'Drowned World') or the physical world, these manifestations have been recorded as both benign and hostile.
Haunts (C4-07X) Medium containment priority
An offshoot class of the spectre, Haunts choose to manifest in forms most likely to cause fear and revulsion in living victims. They are psychotically unstable and obsessed with vengeance for past injustice.
Poltergeists (C4-03J) Low containment priority.
Kinetic forms with little motive intelligence. Poltergeists are often recorded in areas where more powerful manifestations are present. It is unknown whether they are drawn to such manifestations or a product of them.
Wraiths (C4-X01) High containment priority
Highly dangerous predator from an uncharted alternate reality. One of the most powerful Condition 4 manifestations, able to assume a physical form and travel between realities at will. Used as ritual assassins by various historic cultures. Studies to repeat these methods have, to date, proved inconclusive and fatal.
Spirit (C4-00) No containment priority
The most common low-grade manifestation. Contains many regional sub-groups (ref. ghost-lights, wisps, funnel-ghosts, shadows, et al.) As they are chiefly comprised of anima energy, stronger manifestations have been observed to feed upon them.